29 January 2008

Things we did yesterday.

The burning question on my mind, Who Dug the Goddamn Hole? Those are the kinds of questions I have on my day off.

Because I did some gardening when the actual sun was out.

For like 5 minutes. And then I just made sure the pots had enough plastic animals in them to cover the weeds up.

Otterpop is the only dog that got to sit on the big Caterpillar loader in front of the garbage pile. Not all small dogs get to do that.

You can put your dogs on heavy equipment if your husband works at the dump. That's part of the monster machine that does recycling.

Here's the new sign at Lighthouse Field. I understand this to mean that tall, thin guys need to keep their great danes on a short leash. This is clearly not directed at Team Small Dog.

Hey and weave pole practice in the sun for everyone. I didn't take pictures of that. Some day I will master action shot self portraits. You just wait.

Gustavo practices just doing his poles. No more wires! Channels are open just a bit and he is flying thru and hitting entrances like a pro.

Ruby is using the channels too. I am trying to see if she stays fast if we do frenzied tugging/eat food/frenzied tugging, poles, repeat the whole frenzied tugging and treats so she thinks poles are the bomb. Her poles are crazy, insane fast in the driveway doing this. I am really watching her through the poles. Maybe she hurts herself because she is bizarre looking when she weaves. I'm seeing if having the channels open a little makes any difference. What the hell.

Otterpop gets sent to the poles with me in weird places far away. The poles are in the driveway. Can I stand in the street and send to poles? No problem. Behind the gate? No problem. Can I sit in the car and send her? Nope. I bet Hobbes would do that. That's our goal. Not that it will neccessarily help in agility, but kind of a cool party trick when drunk.


Anonymous said...

O.K., enough of being lazy and using the rain as an excuse. Since class got rained out (again) I'm heading into the garage tonight and teaching Team Stump a few things. Kacie goes first, then Kip. I won't even listen to the housebound dog whining from the other side of the garage door. You inspired me to train. Thanks, Laura!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, don't let Wednesday class get rained out!!!

Great "Who Me? What Hole?" picture!

team small dog said...

i don't think we will cancel-should be clear and we will just do a modify jumpers course so no one has to die carrying in the a-frame up the muddy slope. we love agility but not ready to lay down our lives in the name of contacts.

everyone keep practicing in their garages and living rooms!