31 January 2008

Teaching weave poles-a primer.

Every day, we do some poles. Like every day you brush your teeth. Walk around in 3 circles and pat the wall 3 times before turning on a light switch. Have the maid whip you up an green chili omelette and a chocolate shake before the gang from Entourage comes around.

It's just what you do.

I didn't know this would be so unflattering. I am going to cry. This is what we look like doing poles? Tim Gunn, where were you when I needed you?

I mean, I really didn't know. I hate you See's Candy. It's your fault. Do you like my swanky training field though? Aka, driveway.

Right? That's what I'm saying. And Benecio Del Toro is meeting me for drinks tonight. This is an educational training guide, right? Note my fancy piece of fleece tug toy and little piece of cheese in my hand. Important training tools!

This is why we practice. I believe in this shot, he is just running down the driveway. Somewhere in his mind, he is either doing weave poles or is on the veranda having a mai tai.

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