10 January 2008

In this episode, we sense that there is some running out of time.

So if you are self employed, but you work tons and tons and drive far to get to where you work (sort of like it's a commute!), then is it a job or you are just doin' what you love? Even if you find yourself muttering about goddamn horses a lot of the time?

And your dogs are in jail the whole time and you are not training them, do the agility police find out? And then, you get reported to Susan Garrett or what?

Also what is the dirt threshold on dirt inside a house before the IRS comes and audits the piles of papers that someday have to be curated into "taxes"?

And grammarians do their ruling on where the puncuation goes, either inside the quotes or out and when you are just typing in the internet, you can't even specify the smart quotes?

And is ANY of that going to save the polar bears or is it just making it a whole lot worse?

Just some questions to leave you pondering today.

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