05 December 2007

I'm just getting rid of you today.

Timmy decided we all need to wake up at 4am today! Thanks Timmy! He has actually been having pretty good week, so if he wants us to all get up at 4am sometimes, then I just go along with it.

It was hard to go back to sleep due to the smoke filled house. Did you happen to drive by my house last night around 9pm? And you saw all the smoke pouring out of the house? And you probably saw me sitting on the porch drinking some wine, sort of deciding whether to weep, leave, or just drink some more wine. Because I forgot to clean the oven yesterday. After I forgot to read the pie recipe the day before. I have this recipe ISSUE. So I filled up most of the oven with the pie, instead of making a pie we could eat. So then when I made some dinner in the oven last night, our whole house was filled up with smoke all night! Do you see what happens when I actually cook? Thanks Take out Food!

Here. Go enjoy yourself on some other websites today.

How much do we enjoy this new agility hero? She has an ad for a seminar she is doing in Ohio next month in Clean Run and I saw this and maybe I can adopt her. http://www.silvia.trkman.net/

Read an article that features me that actually uses all my bad grammer in it. This is not glamourous, I can't believe I'm even telling you this, it's in the local dog club's newsletter and has little interviews with Rob and Dee and also me, all the agility teachers for their dog club. But it's something to read.

All right. Here's your last one. This girl seems to be a photographer who rides her vespa across the country and moved to a log cabin in Wyoming and started raising an abandoned coyote puppy. Wow! My life is so boring. http://dailycoyote.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

tripleluv the dailycoyote blog - very good you had to wake up early to keep us all happy! Tash

Anonymous said...

"Go over and give
your dog a great big hug when you screw up. Laugh it off. You don’t speak Russian!"

Laura, you are the greatest!

And yes! She is an Agility Hero! From Slovenia! She makes me almost brave enough to Go Against All Advice and quit making Ariel sit before she does agility sequences. She hates to sit! She always has. She will Wait! Standing! It makes more sense. Why sit when you are going to Run? Makes no sense!

The whole reason I started agility with Ariel instead of obedience was that she didn't like to heel. I had never had a dog who objected to heeeling. Heeling was easy to teach my other dogs! Ariel likes to be a little ahead. Cesar Milan said No! But perfectly enjoyable walks were being ruined because I kept saying Heel HERE not THERE! So we decided to try Agility instead of Obedience. There I saw Crazy Border Collies Never Heeling. Dragging Owners, in fact, without any owner shame about it. Ariel never drags me, she just likes to keep up going . She loves running fast. Why is her person who is otherwise understanding and fun and likes to play good games with her making her Sit and Not Run Fast. Heeling is Stupid. Sitting is Stupid! (Napoleon Dynamite, in case you missed the allusion.)

Sylvia says Run Fast. I want Ariel to like me as much as she would like Sylvia if she (Ariel) lived in Slovenia or Syliva lived in Santa Cruz and she were Syliva's dog!

I'm going to try it. Everyone is going to cluck, "She'll lose her stay if you let her move in inch!" "Watch out!" Danger! Make her Sit before Agility runs!

I'm kind of a timid person when it comes to Experts on Things I Don't Know About. So, I'm going to hum a little tune (I'm the student that Dee referred to who does better if I sing during agility runs. She was kind enough not to mention that what I sing is Mary Had a Little Lamb because that's the extent of a tune I can carry and words I can remember) -- but the tune I'm going to hum from now on (thank you Sylvia!) is "Which Side Are You On?!" I'm on Ariel's side! And she's on my side (just a little ahead).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm really sorry about the Great Pie Disaster. It could happen to anyone. Well, almost anyone.

team small dog said...

I know one person who has her dog start on a stand. It works for her. Some people use downs. You just have to make that stand stick real, real good or you will become sad and bumped out of line to be America's Next Top Handler. And you will grow very cross with your dog when she is blasting away before you are ready. Whatever you can make stick like glue til you release it.

Many people would not have the pie disaster. They would actually read One Half Stick butter, not just assume to throw a stick of butter in and there were more errors. Unteachable I am.