21 December 2007

Fond Christmas fondness.

I can be pretty scroogey around Christmas time, the whole shopping blitz thing gets to me and makes me crazy and retreat back into the cultural consumption turning into garbage endless loop mind frenzy and unequal distribution of the weatlth and bummer, man. But all The Secret and not complaining, let's look on the half full margarita glass side and find the ho ho ho part of the holidays.

Skinny Santa was waving at cars from the front of a realty building on a busy street the other night. He was tall and thin Santa, and I guess advertising a realty, and maybe it's because I don't get out much, but I just don't think I've seen many Santa's doing stuff like this. At least he wasn't doing a jig holding a giant spinning arrow directing us to view model condos.

Christmas music 24/7. If you want to hear Christmas music, you can hear Christmas music! I personally love Christmas music at all times. It lives in my ipod and I have no problems listening to Christmas music along with Johnny Cash or the Vaselines any time of year. Viva la White Christmas in the Safeway, thanks Bing Crosby!

A vacation! I am taking off 3 whole days of work and going to visit my family in Los Angeles. I love my family and they love dogs and I love Los Angeles and hardly ever get to go anywhere except for places 2 hours away that are having a dog agility trial that I can drive to on Sunday mornings at 5am. Santa Rosa last weekend for 2 whole days was HUGE. So we are having a nice road trip with 4 dogs for a few days of fun! Even blind as bat Timmy will have fun on vacation!

Adopt a Family. The barn did this. We adopted a family and got them a Christmas. It's a little drop in a big bucket, but at least one family on bad times will get some stuff they need, and all wrapped up and hopefully have an ok day when I am thinking a lot of their days are not very ok.

Somehow got to squeeze in some dog training to all this. Besides running the Goose thru the channel weaves on our way down to the car. Remember when I was all optimistic, getting the Christmas lights up? The decorations out? I was going to even take you some photos. Um. Didn't even get them out of the garage. Not a one. We have not one Christmas decor item up to show. No tree. Nothing. Ho Ho Ho. Now I gotta get to Target before I get to work. Just repeat after me. Ho Ho Ho. Santa, spin that sign, baby.

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Anonymous said...

Totally misc - but I love the new graphics. Have fun in LA!!! Tash