09 November 2007

Wardrobe Essential Number Four-The Sweaty Factor

OK. Hello Tim Gunn and Carson, can you PLEASE help me out here?

I have never really considered myself a big sweater. As in sweating liquid out of my pores and not like a big fuzzy sweater that goes down to my knees and giant cable knitting-thanks mom-Cute! But lately I seem to do a lot of running, the more dogs I add on to my dog collection, and the more I run the more I get sweaty.

Now I know they make the special wicking anti fungal sporty fabrics that are supposed to magically dry you off. But the thing is, sweating is part of my day that happens on and off the whole time. And I just look crummy and sort of dampish all the time.

Let's look at today's agenda items:

Slow walk with dogs around the park-no sweating!

Take faster dogs to beach on way to work-up and down the hill, fast walk on beach-sweating! Also sand and perhaps dirty dog paws! Perhaps extra fast and much because we are already late today!

Body clip a horse first thing at work-sweating AND the fun of tiny pieces of clipped horse hair inserted into each and every pore and under all clothing, every layer.

Ride a horse or two-maybe sweat. Usually. I forget who I need to ride today. Perhaps it is a certain mare who spooks with her owner every time she goes around one certain corner in the ring. You know who you are! Or perhaps someone very stiff on the left rein and making me tired when I am making her ridable for her owner-You know who you are, you horses that need the fixing make me sweaty!

Teach the lessons-if it involves sitting on the fence and just yelling without moving-no sweating! If it involves dragging a lot of jumps around because I am sick of whatever is set out there or it is Quinn and he hits the rails or I have someone jumping big, then someone jumping tiny then someone jumping big again later-sweating!

Walk to and fro from the arena to the barn many times during the day to get your spurs, your whip, your water, find the martingale, find the drawlines, find the bit-sweaty! Fast walking so I am not late, late, late all day!

Slow walk with all dogs around block-nighttime-no sweating. Unless walk involves mulitple cats every few feet leaping out in front of 4 dogs on leashes who all like to chase cats. Then sweating!

Speed walk the smallest dogs around West Cliff drive in the pitch black dark for about an hour-sweating!

This is a day without even doing any agility. 3 days per week I practice with them. The other night, I ran 3 dogs in class, and there were 6 people in class. That meant half of the running done in class was by me. So that is sweating with a layer of dirt attached! One dog was Hobbes which means extremely fast running. 2 dogs were mine which means the same jump height so run one dog, run it back to it's parking place, grab another dog run the course, run it back to it's parking place and be ready to walk the next course.

When I practice with them in the morning, hopefully not on a PIG WHAMMING SCREAMING day, the same sweat and dirt happening before I even get sweaty at work! I try to get 3 dogs practiced in one hour with fast turns for each which means no resting for me thus the sweating! One of those dogs is Gustavo which means practice very fast with no stopping to think-all thinking must be done before ever taking that dog off his rope. There is no planning and running him because once you start he just keeps going and going and going.

I have specific wardrobe requirements for work related things. Jeans. Boots. Clothing that I must be ok with getting bled on, saliva'ed-green, goey horse saliva-on, chewed, ripped, disease mobiled. Shavings. Hay. Warm jackets now because it is cold-it can be cold yet still sweaty! A warm hat on my head which gets cold even if I might start to get sweaty! All must be ok with getting ruined!

The hair and the sweaty? Don't get me started. The dirty face and the sweaty? Don't get me started. The freezing cold foggy air and the sweaty? This is a true Wardrobe Essential Dilema!


Unknown said...

Forget Tim and Carson. Sounds like you need an Ice Blue Secret from the Deodorant Guru.

team small dog said...

Can this be slathered on my face?