03 November 2007

Results coming in!

So some of the results are coming in on the World Championships in Arizona. In the Performance Grand Prix, Tater came in 5th overall in the 8" dogs! Why should you know about Tater? Tater started agility the same time as Ruby, they used to compete against eachother in NADAC when they jumped the same height, then Tater moved down to lower performance height when we both started USDAA. Tater is a teensy pomeranian, and he came into the vet hospital where his owner's wife worked with no skin-probably got dragged by a car. They kept him, and long story short, he became the husband's first agility dog. Tater is just one good dog. His owners are super nice people-they work from dawn til dusk at every trial. All of their dogs were ones that came in to the wife's vet hospital with horrible injuries and needed homes. They always invite me to sit with them, since I always come rushing in to trials Sunday mornings when everyone else has been there since Friday. I always like talking with Raymond, he keeps everything in perspective but also tries hard and has reached a lot of high level titles with Tater-he has a C-ATCH and a Performance ADCh. He is very, very tall, and Tater is very, very short and they are very very fun to watch run together.

Another Bay Area person won the 22" Grand Prix semis, with her very fast dog. Her very fast small dog always beats the pants off of Otterpop. Thanks internet for being there so I can go check on everyone. I haven't seen Hobbes name anywhere yet. Everyone can go check and see the courses posted on the USDAA website for yourselves and it's just like being there except actually not at all is it. But you can check up on things and maybe think about going another year.

And results on Timmy show not a whole lot. He had a really bad week, he is now having a freakishly good week. For no reasons his doc can find in any tests. So we just have fun with him while he's having such a good week. Timmy would like to be at the USDAA Nationals for sure. Too bad Ruby does not have his exhibitionist personality. I am not sure Ruby or Otterpop would find the USDAA Nationals with spectators and millions of dogs and flags and such all that much fun. They mostly prefer just dirt and nothing around them to do their best agility.

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