28 November 2007

John Travolta is NOT invited to be in this one.

Last night, we were watching the new version of Hairspray, with the big production numbers. And I was thinking, this is what dog agility needs. A super big production number musical about a rising dog agility star, who has to fight all the odds (bad outfits, ugly cars, Turlock, mean dogs, mean girls, her dog runs away, Susan Garrett, stuff like that) and then in the end, wins the Grand Prix and Steeplechase at the USDAA Nationals and is asked to join the World Team (leaving an opening for the sequel).

There would be giant, swirling, song and dance numbers with all the dogs and exhibitors in the most beautiful outfits, Santino would do all the costumes. Loads of singing with peppy songs like, Stop That Contact and Play With Your Dog. Not only would there be exciting choreography and giant hats but also the best circus dog trainers would be brought in so the dogs would be jumping and leaping over things like a synchronized swimming match of circus dogs with overhead crane shots on a dog agility field. The dog equipment would of course be all stunning and glittery and art directed and the ending would be very, very happy. We may even let Courtney Love be in it.

If I spend all my time thinking about things like this, then that is one less space to worry about global warming and all the christmas shopping crap adding more onto global warming and the birds dying and the rainforests. Hmm. Rainforest destruction or plan a storyboard sketch for the ending Steeplechase scene with the pink lame costumes and the course looks like a miniature golf course with a gothic skatepark theme? No contest.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, starting to sound a lot like canine freestyle - is that in or out?

team small dog said...

If I ever decide to start doing canine freestyle, maybe someone just needs to shoot me dead right then and there. Or do an intervention.