12 November 2007

A darker family portrait.

Timmy couldn't be in this photo because he was asleep. But he's ok.

Have you seen the Soprano's last season? Being HBO-less, we rent DVD's. We're on the last Season. It's creepy and very much about families. Tony does this thing all the time where his eyes sort of roll up into the top of his bald head when he's mad and then usually shoots someone or beats them up or bashes something to bits. I want to make sure that I don't ever become friends with someone in the mafia. I am pretty sure if you met me, you would know I am not in the mafia. And Gary works in the garbage industry but in Santa Cruz, that's a City Job with benefits and no one is in the mafia that he knows of. So we're ok.

So then, what would you do if someone wanted to take dog agility lessons and they are in the mafia? But they also have to have a normal life and maybe they bought a border collie and think dog agility looks fun and want to take some classes. And then they really like it and start making lots of cash donations to the agility club and this and that and then, if you watch the Sopranos, you know all the places it can end up. Like Christopher Moltisanti shooting the movie writer. Is it discrimination if you try to steer them to another agility club? There's that whole etiquette thing of including everyone, does that include members of the mafia? Like what if it was Carmela Soprano and she's a mafia wife and she wants to do dog agility?

It's just one of those uncomfortable situations I guess you deal with when it happens. Always good to pre-plan things. Don't tell me the end of the Soprano's though because I'm only part way through. It's no Deadwood but you might like it anyways.


Unknown said...

1. Great picture. I actually downloaded and saved it in my family pictures. Perhaps I'll pass it off as my actual family when I'm a little tired of my family from time to time.
2. "...you might like it anyways"??? Sometimes it is perfectly appropriate to jump on a bandwagon. Sopranos. Only the best show on TV, ever. And I include *The Lone Ranger* in that list, so it means something!
3. Whenever I start a daydream about working with domesticated animals, the dream is interrupted by the problem of what to do with the associated humans. This is why Cesar Milan is a genius.

team small dog said...

The Lone Ranger!

We are very honored to be your new family!

But I think Soprano's is no Deadwood. There are no horses or taxidermy or Al Swearengen ever in Soprano's. It loses points there. We like the Wire too, we are waiting for those DVD's but also loses on Sheriff Bullock Points. McNulty is no Sherriff Bullock.