27 October 2007

A Public Service Announcement

So in a nutshell, you know Lighthouse Field and Its Beach have been in a tumultuous battle involving lawyers and State Officials and politicos and neighbors for years. It's ugly (huge lawsuits! lies! freakouts! have you seen me yell at the mayor on community tv! for years!) and basically we want to still walk dogs there and people have spent thousands of hours doing Community Activisim to try and keep this together. Hey that's Lighthouse Field on the home page of Team Small Dog even! I dropped out of the Civic Duty to my Neighborhood a couple years back due to going insane from the insanity of it all, but it's still on the chopping block and last ditch efforts are being made now to let people still walk around there with their dogs off a leash. Because starting Nov. 15, they have to go on leashes or big fat ticket for you (hey 4 tickets for me! wow!).

So if you don't get all the emails from Friends of Lighthouse Field and don't know about this one, here you go-email this info to info@folf.org. They are looking for responses from LONGTIME Field/Beach users-over 10 years.

Full Name: ________________________

Phone: ________________________ (optional)

City of residence: _______________________

How many years have you (or your family) been using Lighthouse Field or Its Beach for off-leash recreation? ______

Please give some details or stories, especially about off-leash visits in past decades. Say a bit about why this is important to you:

Thanks in advance for your information and responses! If you know somebody else who used to enjoy the field or beach with off-leash dogs years ago, please forward this email to them and ask them to respond directly to info@folf.org.

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