07 October 2007

Major wardrobe malfunctions today.

We are back. It was hot, hot and hotter in Dixon.

It was a mixed bag kind of day. I forgot to wear a belt and that just isn't a good thing for people that do not like to see my underpants.

A good thing though-Ruby 3rd and Otterpop 4th in their Grand Prix's.

Otterpop was awesome in everything, EXCEPT that pesky advanced gamblers Q that is kind of making us lifers in the advanced gamblers ring and preventing moving everything to Masters. She had a great run, it was a do-able gamble, and then there was the judge. Standing right in front of where we were going to head into the gamble. It was judge in the headlights kind of freakout, I swerved to avoid slamming into him and just kinda sorta hit him lightly but we didn't get to head into the gamble just so and that was that. It's always something.

Ruby also didn't make it on her gamble. Well, actually she did-she aced it. But she was extra fast, my timing off on the opening, so we were late getting into the gamble because I had to do some extra obstacles and time ran out as she was heading to the closing jump. Yep, about half a second over time. A half a second. Such is life.

Ruby had a meltdown at the end of the day and I pulled her off her very late and very hot standard run after she decided that she would just walk through the weave poles. I am not lying about this fact. That is a new standard in slow end of day weave poles. It was actually creepy and freaked me out because she looked like a dog zombie. She likes running early and often then sleeping it off the rest of the day.

Otterpop is getting better and better every time she goes now. I am starting to feel a lot more confident having her out there in the masters ring and her times are getting faster, bit by bit. She won her pairs. She did miss the pole entry in her standard and hit a bar on the double in jumpers. But small things compared to all the big things she's overcome.

Gustavo enjoyed barking a lot and playing with his frisbee and lot and walking around a lot. He will just climb in anyone's lap and possibly would win a mr. popular award at this point in his career. Agility is like the only place he barks and carrys on. He thinks he is ready to run. I have my work so very cut out with him. We are working on those contacts already because I have this premonition of just no brakes out there with him.

Hobbes was perfect and even though I fell down in his standard, I jumped back up, he kept going and had a nice clean Q, it was late, late late, so didn't stick around to see how he placed. He was super fast and did his table so we were all happy. Why did I fall down? Not only did I forget a belt, I was so packed up and had changed out of my sporty soccer shoes into my ugly red running shoes and the grass was slick slick slick and I was running fast fast fast and there you go. You just can't go to dog agility in any old costume. Do you see these issues Tim Gunn?

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