05 October 2007

Find out what costs 2 Million Dollars!

I don't know that I do nature well. Disneyland=Campout and Target=Disneyland. What did I used to say all the time in grad school? CULTURALLY MEDIATED nature. That was my big buzzword. However.

So I mentioned in a post about how I saw a bloody chunk of a hawk laying on a trail. Let me tell you the explicit situation.

We are in a hurry. A walk run. Hoping dogs do not go after pigs again because we have to leave. Checkout time from nature at 11am. Feathers and bloody skin. Carcass. Near where I saw the coyote yesterday. Get a move on dogs. Made them run. Almost popped my knee. Danger.

Later, told Gary about this. What eats a Hawk? His idea, maybe a mountain lion could but don't think there are mountain lions around, they would have warned us. Maybe it died of old age and coyote ate the carcass. Hmm. An interesting quandry.

Why did I run? When I saw that carcass, Mountain Lion and Coyote, both eaters of small dogs did cross my mind for a minute. But, in reality, I knew it could only be one thing. Hawks fly high. What is the only thing that can get a hawk out of the sky?

Abominable Snowman. Like in Rudolph. With the teeth and spiky white hair and crazed googly eyes that look both directions at once. But no snowmen here, no snow, meaning, how about Bigfoot. Holy shit. Bigfoot nearby. Waving long, apelike arms in the air and grabs hawks out of sky and chews and spits out feathers and carcass. Certainly an eater of small dogs. RUN. And run we did. I was running from Bigfoot on a sheepfarm.

Also, I mentioned the dogs got cuts and had to pick lots of burrs out of their fur (mostly Gustavo). Very nature, rustic, tough dogs with cuts and burrs. Tough ass kicking dogs. However all Burr Picking done from the comfort of the down comforter on the bed with 5 down pillows while watching dvds (the documentary Jesus Camp! About Christian evangelical camp for little kids!) and drinking the free wine that came with the house/cabin/rustic getaway. Also Gustavo was the dog that would go outside to regularly bark at the stump.

Hey and on an unrelated note, remember the last piece of property I was stalking through word of mouth that this guy is selling, 4 acres, with some shacks on it but right where we want our ranch? Let's review. 4 acres. shacks. The house is a shack. He finally got in touch. He'll sell it for 2 million dollars. That's right. 2 Million Dollars. Includes shacks.

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