29 September 2007

Try to keep the dogs from chasing down the Pigs.

Last summer, we went up to Booneville to heaven on the sheep ranch. Click on August 2006, scroll to a post called Wu's Pigs and read all about it. Isn't there a more internet way to send you there? I guess.

Anyways, that's where we're going tomorow for 3 days. It is our big summer vacation with no horses and 4 dogs. Just sitting around on the porch and walking down to the pond for big huge fun. No internet. No phone. Maybe try to not hang out with the lady that shoes her own horses and try to keep Ruby from chasing wild pigs down. I am sure Gustavo will be interesting to keep tabs on on 550 acres. Sink or swim little buddy. Go to the bar at the High Pockety Ox for tv nite.

Remember that the store closes at 5pm. The bar is open later. Too bad there is no dog agility in Booneville. Maybe up in Ukiah?

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