26 September 2007

It is puffy and now I talk really funny.

So I was sitting there on the fence, teaching a lesson and eating an apple (yelling and chewing together, something I am very good at) and something slashed through my tongue and deep pain! My first rational thought is, like I have been warned since I was like 2 years old, every Halloween, Someone has Finally put a Razor Blade in my Apple! My organic, locally grown apple. Razor blade! I am spitting and stuttering and not finding razor blade and can't tell if I am bleeding. The first girl to ride by me is stopped and ordered to look at my tongue. She is not impressed. I am yelping in pain. They stop their lesson because I am yelling at them that I cannot speak anymore. Due to an extra sharp apple seed? I have no idea but it hurts.

This goes on for a while and I just find a way to yell because I have more lessons, and you know, cowboy up.

When I get in the car a couple hours later to go home, I look in the mirror and pull on the weird black spot on my tongue (no bloody slash mark there as I am picturning in the razor blade mind). It is a yellow jacket stinger! I am stung is the answer!

The tongue is fat and swollen and hurts like hell. I am stopping at Susan's house for dinner and greet her walking in with request for many pills of any type to make it not hurt. Am given that and some wine and it feels better soon.

At least my whole head did not puff up as did poor little Otterpop's. Even though she is fat, she only weighs 16 pounds so my humongous giant size (in comparison to hers) soaks up the poison a lot more easy. It was that kind of day yesterday. Let's be happy today is a different one and leave it at that.

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