02 September 2007

Does this sound familiar?

We are back from today's big Dog show. This one was a Really Big Dog Show, with people there from Canada, and Arizona and Washington and Oregon and probably a lot of other places too. It's a Regional Qualifier, which I am just too tired to explain. Suffice to say it is a really big dog show.

It is also about 100 degrees out, and I figured on that, so only entered the earlish classes, making it so the dogs were done running by noon. Perfect! No one got too tired and hot, although Ruby was practically melting anyways. Otterpop doesn't seem to care much how hot or cold it is.

It was Otterpop's first time running in Masters, and she did a bang up job. She didn't Q, because I made one bad turn and caused her a refusal, but all in all top dog Otterpop! She had a gamblers run too, but was so fast it messed up my timing and I didn't send her in well so she didn't get any prizes there either.

Ruby had an awesome steeplechase, we'll find out tomorow if she runs in the finals. There was so much competition that she was kind of borderline with her time when I left today. Running against some of the best dogs in the country makes her all of a sudden not so fast. She missed a down dogwalk contact in her standard (haven't done that in a while) and had a fabulous time but it's a No Q. And her gamble was just a no way in a million years would she get that and she sure didn't. So it was a good and fun day even with no prizes. And early.

We had ensenble stress again. We saw a dog named Pickle whose owner has a bright pink mini skirt and I think she was the best ensemble at the dog show. She is also a very good handler that wins big, big prizes, I think she is from LA. If I had skinnier legs I would wear that ensemble but I do not have the skinny legs. I think it is clear now I got up at 4:45 am and I think I need to stop writing this. We go back to the dog show at 5:45 am tomorow. See U There! Where is my coffee...

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