04 September 2007

Do not wear the skort with the chowder legs.

Allright, so you got to hear the sad violin story of not winning the Steeplechase Finals. Big huge boo hoo. Now let's get to the real story. Good gossip and what was everyone wearing?

(Side Note: I am getting a new memory card for my camera and there will be photos again one day soon. I promise.)

This is a much sportier looking crowd, these heavy hitting USDAA folk, than you see at some of the trials. They tend to be very fit and could be dressed for tennis or some other such sport. The Susan Garret crowd has a whole fashion thing going on with very wicking type fabrics and tight shorts and lycra. The guy who wears very gay cheerleader-esque baseball outfits was there in a tight little baseball number that looks like a costume from Hairspray. He has a little sheltie.

There were a lot of guys at this trial. Usually not so many. Big sporty guys with big fast dogs and a new trend seems to be sports jerseys, like soccer jerseys. Another thing at this trial that you don't see every day are special European jerseys from big world events in Europe. Since these people are on teams that go to these events, ala Olympics for dogs, and then I guess what they do is trade shirts at the end. So wearing those at a trial like this sort of says, "Let me intimidate you, non European traveler of dog agility, by my sporty and non english speaking shirt".

The tennis skort was here. I wish I wish I had the skinny legs for a tennis skort because this is a good dog agility costume but not so much if you have chowdery legs. Some kind of yoga inspired pants too, which I think is a good look for dog agility actually and I was wearing a yoga top I got from my yoga teacher. Who would just cringe if she saw what dog agility and carrying of heavy dog agility items does to undo the yoga.

RV's-much of them. These are RV owning, traveling people and the parking lot was full of giant RV's. Something to aspire to. A giant house in a huge thing the size of 5 schoolbuses. I have no idea how people drive those things. They must get like 1 mile to the gallon. But oh so convinient for carting around the dogs to the dog shows to win the prizes in things like steeplechase. Likely all the RV people actually win Steeplechase. No chokers there.

There were still copious amounts of dog cartoon tshirts and ugly pants and weird flopppy sun hats with straps and shade panels. Those are just always there and always will be. None of them scared Gustavo though. Who was brave and quiet and exceedingly well behaved. He only went on Monday, and he was a champ through it all. No monkey screaming, not one bit. He got to stay in the xpen the whole time with the other dogs and was polite and well behaved and took a lot of walks. A geneticist who is also a dog handler is doing a dna test on him for the canine heritage breed test. He may come up as something, but she also says a lot of the little weirdo dogs come up as totally bizarre things too, like italian greyhound/saint bernard mixes, when the computer really can't find anything for them. So we'll see.

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