24 September 2007

The day after the exciting Winning Day!

Yesterday, glamorous winner of dog agility. Today, trying to figure out how to clean the house that is full of all the stuff from the wet office and much dirt from the moving of everything. Today is the opposite of a glamorous day!

One other exciting thing though was I picked up my very fancy and expensive new poles at the dog show. They are stuffed in my not unloaded car that they barely fit in. They are going in the construction site! I want to start weaving but the dog area is still the construction zone. Dog training may have to wait for a roof. These are the real deal channel weaves made of powder coated steel. For Gustavo! Who is sitting on the couch eating a tree at the moment. And as I wrote that sentence, I hear CRASH from the bedroom. Gustavo why are you sitting on a bedside table and a lamp is on the floor?

Can Gustavo learn to be a tiny Hobbes?

This is Rob with Hobbes on Saturday, when he qualified to get into the 2nd round of the Steeplechase. Do you see why I like Hobbes so much-he is like a pony!

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