06 August 2007

The Sheetrock screws of Horror.

Gustavo has a horrible fear of sheetrock screws. We had a neat day with the Sheetrock Guy today. Much to Gustavo's dismay we now have bathroom walls. Otterpop and Ruby were appalled. Timmy just slept through his outburst that took place during all screwing of sheetrock screws or getting them out of boxes. He seemed ok with the drill. Just anything involving the screws. You all explain that one to me.

The Wacky Tile Lady seems to be not returning calls. Wacky Tile Lady can be zany. It is zany to not call back when the tile is sitting there ready for her wacky self to get in there and stick it down in nice patterns.

Sometimes the house next door where we like to go to the bathroom has locked doors. Locked in such a way as to keep all intruders and bathroom users out. Today was such a day.

Yesterday we saw the Moscow Circus at the Boardwalk. It opened with a disco dance of all the acrobats and a guy in a velour bear suit. The acrobats had little figure skating outfits, some trimmed with fur and short white boots. This should not be missed. The clown ran around blowing a whistle but no one shot him.

We also saw Shakespeare Santa Cruz. They had ok costumes too, but there was far less singing and dancing and limboing with knives and strong man twins and snake girls. You could bring wine.I fell asleep somewhere in hour 3 of Shakespeare and could not tell you how Much Ado About Nothing ends. I think it was happy though. I will take barrel chested, gray haired twins in striped pink body suits balancing on each other's heads over loud Shakespeare talking any day.

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