10 August 2007

Red Bull makes the tile go round.

Simi doesn't speak much english, and makes giant messes in the backyard, but he is the 12 hour day tile machine. I had no idea tiling involved the cement stuff getting slathered everywhere and the hose and the mud but it does and he is working through the weekend because he seems obsessed with getting our tile done as fast as possible. So I am not complaining. His boss is the wacky tile lady and there is a lot of red bull and cigarettes involved and so it all seems to make sense now.

So I don't know. Maybe a bathroom next week. Seems like something could still go wrong. The tile is not actually glued in place and even though he has my nice spec sheet which I make for things, I had a horrible vision a couple nights ago of the tile lined up like little soldiers (this is a tiling term! butt joint!) and not bricked. This is how we talk in the tile world.

I have given up sweeping the floor or trying to clean up anything. Someday I will just move into the clean, sparkly bathroom. Which of course, at the end will need the Small Brush Lady to come and paint the complicated wallpaper pattern in 4 colors on the wall and I heard she didn't even buy the paint yet. So it will be a while til it is really truly done. We can probably live with the nice gray primer walls for a while til the Small Brush Lady gets off her ass and gets it painted. I heard she will work nights and early mornings though and has a lot of dogs so I won't rush her. Maybe she will use the red bull and cigarettes. It is dog show season soon so there are very Important things she will need to take care of then.


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I can understand your frustration and giving up on the cleaning bit, because this is something that I struggle with myself as well. It will get better though hopefully.

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