15 July 2007

Timmy Best Dog.

I haven't been talking so much about Timmy lately. He had such a bad spell during the spring that I didn't know how much longer he'd be around. Which was almost to much to bear. But the new improved Timmy seems to be around to stay for a while, and every single day we have with him is a good day.

He gets a lot of pills. He thinks of them as cheeseballs. He loves to take his pills. He can walk all the way to the park now, without shaking too much or having to be carried home. He's got a little limp, but basically moves around just fine, unless he stumbles up a curb or forgets to use his legs going down some steps. His eyesight almost seems better, which a vet told me could from some of the cushings treatment. It may be that some severed blood vessels to his eyes have been able to re-attach, giving him a little more vision. We still stick real close to eachother at the park or at the beach, since I don't think he sees a whole lot. If he stops walking to sniff something or eat some seaweed, usually I have to go over and wave my hand in front of his face and yell real loud at him. And every so often, he gets a wild hair up his hairy butt and starts running around with the other dogs but in frantic little crazy circles all his own, until I catch him and convince him he might like just hanging out and watching them run instead.

His hearing is going, but there is some there for sure. You just have to talk real loud to him. He likes to spend his days laying on the floor or in his bed, and his nights going in and out the front door. I don't think it's because he really, really has to anymore, I think he's got access to someone that is glad to get up in the middle of the night and let him out, which he doesn't during the day when he's home alone. I'm used to it, and I'm happy to oblige him that one small thing.

He loves to be with the other dogs. Even if they are racing around him in circles, up and down stairs, thru the yard and back thru the house, and he is just sitting there in the middle of it. I hate keeping him seperated from them all day, but they are ranch dogs and he is a house dog. And now that he is walking so good, they always get to have their walks together, even if it's a hard day for him and the small dogs just walk around the block. I like the pack to stay tight.

I worry about him traveling, he's going to have to make some trips down to LA this month and that's a lot for him, but Timmy doesn't ever complain or whine or freak out. He's just happy to do what he needs to do. I just try to keep his life easy and stress free and medicated to whatever extent he needs. It was a little rough going to get him here, but in hindsight, boy am I glad I did. I can look over right now and see him. He sort of pops his head up out of his dog bed, with a confused look on his face and his cloudy little eyes. He's looking right at me, I am not sure what he sees or what he's thinking, but I'm pretty sure he's just making sure I'm sitting there too. If I keep sitting at the computer, he'll eventually get out of bed, shuffle over, and lay down outside the office door in a little while. Just to stay near.


pluckyfluff said...

um...i'm actually crying.

team small dog said...

No No this one is supposed to be Happy!!!