26 July 2007

There just are no titles today.


Ran dogs.

Tile fiasco. Now fixed.


Neighbor's construction site has bathroom!

Plumber. Early.

Dogs. Everywhere.

Lessons. Moms. Horses. Scheduling. Horses.

Demolition! Crow Bars! Big Big Hammers!

The truck.


debnull said...

Happy Birthday!

pluckyfluff said...

happy birthday! is all this just what you wanted for your birthday!

pluckyfluff said...

ps- i knew the birthday thing would get Deb.... :)

debnull said...

You're right -- I couldn't resist a comment to say "Happy Birthday"

In defense of my lurker tendencies, I have been inspired before to leave a comment by the great story of Ms. Pix wanting to leave her loud whiney brother by the side of the road to be turned into a grape by the magical racoons so that the deer would eat him...

Plus I couldn't let the Gustavo news go by... He's really really cute.

One of these days I will get up the gumption to comment on Pluckyfluff! I couldn't think of anything clever to write about the mysterious poop incident but I laughed out loud at that blog post :-)

team small dog said...

this was all i could spit out this morning pre-plumber and learning the neat roof vent info! wow!

thank you!