06 July 2007

All about the sweatpants.

That sound you hear is my joints and bones squeaking and making slow painful cracking noises. I am not sure why other than I am very old? After a day of leaping onto horses, it is hard to move. I tried to run the dogs. Between my creaking and Ruby's creaking, which I am thinking might be attributed to a night of shivering and shoving herself under furniture, we could barely get around. Otterpop was fast though. Too bad I couldn't keep up with her. Then I sort of creaked around work in the dirt, then I tried to creak through yoga. My yoga teacher is constantly appalled at the state I come in there in.

So my new idea is to get healthier, lose some weight, start running and doing some exersizing every day! This is not really a new idea. I have it all the time. But I don't get around to it because I am so busy on the computer, taking Timmy for slow, leisurely Timmy paced walks, cutting out pictures, and falling asleep during Deadwood dvd's on our couch. But at the rate I am going, I am not going to be able to Win anything at any Big Dog Shows. Which start again at the end of August. If I am slow, so are my dogs. Not to mention the importance of looking hot in modified skinny jeans. Right now it's all about sweatpants.

This Sunday there is a fun match, which is a practice dog show. I forgot to send in an entry, which makes it prohibitively expensive, since it's in Hot Hollister, and I only wanted to do a couple of runs since it goes somewhat against my rule of don't make the dogs run in the heat that makes them miserable. So I may be missing it. It's also put on by my dog club, of which I am a member and frequently do not help out enough with. Making me a bad dog citizen of the community.

Maybe I will stay home and watch Deadwood some more. Like Al says, (Swearengen, not Gore II from jail), "I appreciate a bit of heft on you but would it kill you to lose a few fucking pounds". Thanks Al! That's the best personal trainer I could ever have. While reclining on the couch.

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