07 June 2007

Nice contact.

Photographer from the May CPE trials was one of those multi shot sports guys that takes a million frames. Very interesting to see things like wild contacts, and uncomfortable jumping styles of one of the dogs, that dog being Ruby. Who ran a bit last night, then seemed a little off-not lame per se, but landing off a jump, then kind of slowing down. She didn't love the footing in one section of the arena, which for Princess Ruby can be a Very Big Deal that no other dogs notice, but it was just strange and I didn't run her any more. She started out just fine, and got a nice long warmup.

Here is a contact example of my dog that has a "perfectly trained running teeter contact". Perfect except in the first class of the day at a trial. When she is apeshit fast and very hard to control.

Pausing, perhaps, for a second to make the tip happen. This is what we have been working hard on not having to do, her just running thru it. This suggests that she is putting the pause back in. Which causes the next frame.

Starts to shift her weight forward and keep running down after that little tiny pause. You can see my going, oh shit, she is not going to do it...

Aha we must leap from the bottom not run straight off like we practice over and over beautifully! Although here it looks like the bottom hit already.

Here is the leap! We are leaping not running down with all of the feet. There is my hand and leaning down body as if by magic I can put at least one of her feet back on the yellow, even though it looks like it is hitting here, this is not a good thing to be doing when you have been training and training the fast running teeter. Thank god for Otterpop's...

Nice head down. I am so smiley! What a good contact you have Otterpop-I am so glad you love the teeter again and do not see it and jump on, leap off, and go bark at the judge as if you wish to Kill Him!

And her head is still down, but where is that fast fly into her 4 on the floor (floor being teeter here) that we practice so much. This looks like a cheating little crouch!

Why is her butt not touching? Because she is cheating! And I am letting her, because I am so happy she is not leaping and barking. I did hold all her real, genuine contacts this last weekend in ASCA when I had no pressure of getting a Q. Look at her nice head up, is that what we practice? Boy do I love photos to see all my gigantic flaws of training!

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