19 June 2007

Bleeding gums of the handheld squirrel noises.

Yesterday, potential bathroom contractor Brian came over. He comes very highly recommended, and told me he specializes in High End bathrooms. I like to think I am a high end person, but I am pretty sure that many would dispute this fact after seeing my high end house decor that includes the beat up toy wood rifle held together with tape that I have hanging from plastic string over the living room mirror, both of which were purchased at yard sales. The rifle came from a yard sale in Tonopah though. So maybe I am more of medium end? I bought my kitchen table at Cost Plus, which I usually avoid since it was likely built by tiny slave children with bleeding fingers and gums but that is at least one store bought item in my house. But not exactly high end.

So he looked around and listened to me a lot. He is a good listener. But then when it's his turn to talk, he thinks a long time, and says what I think are carefully arranged, tactful thoughts. As opposed to when I talk, which doesn't always involve good listening and usually means very unedited thoughts blabbing straight out my mouth. But he seemed a little passive agressive, in a friendly, cheerful way and like maybe he was thinking I was a little weird or crazy or not high end enough. I don't know. He is a contractor, he has to work with nuts all the time. But I'm not sure if I can work with him if he is quietly always thinking nice ways to tell me that my idea sucks or is going to cost a million bucks. It is better to just tell me in regular words!

He was nice enough to crawl under the house to find the gigantic leak of the toilet which for sure means the floor has to be replaced-ka ching-for which the dogs loved him very much. He had a tiny little handheld machine to tell if wires-hey neat there are old knob and tube wires down there! were hot which made beeping squirrel noises, which endeared him very much to Ruby and he is her best friend. I am pretty sure Ruby would vote for contractor brian to remodel the bathroom because of crawling around squirrel noises.

I had a fun whirlwind tour of some stores that sell plumbing and tile and what not. I took notes. I wrote down the very expensive prices that made my bathroom cost twenty thousand dollars! For a Bathroom! Then I wrote down some more prices so I can make my bathroom cost less than that but of course, being a High End person I sure do love that $22 per square foot tile! But I am allowed to get the $5 per square foot kind! I can already tell I do not like bathroom remodeling, and this is while I am not taking showers in the driveway for all the neighbors to see. And having a lovely porta potty in my driveway or if I'm really lucky right on my front grass. I cannot wait, this is going to be Fantastic! And all the while writing checks from the fun and exciting loan for it!

I discovered a neat fact about Team Small Dog blog, which is that many people visit it once on the internet, then never come visit it again! This doesn't exactly hurt my feelings, I know in real life I can have this special effect on people too, so it is cool and special that it is channeled straight over the internet too. I knew the internet was like magic!

Wrong taxidermy is alway soothing to me.


SanDiegoDogMa said...

I love your blog. You kill me.

Unknown said...

Definitely why you get thus several blog comments.