26 May 2007

Feral like a pig.

We are down here driving around Los Angeles county a lot for 3 days. It involves Laia's graduation from college, where Mayor Villairgosa was the speaker and everyone chanted at the end, Fear the Poet, because the school mascot is a poet. It's a Quaker college and seems somewhat stuck in time, from another era. But it is also a really good school too. So it is very wrong of me to make fun of it, even though everyone prays a lot and and speaks as though brainwashed by a Whittier college brochure about passing the Light. I am just used to art school. There is no punk rock tight pants in Whittier or pink hair. At least on the campus. Off the campus, there are many cool lowrider cars and Latino skateboard boys everywhere. On the campus, there are friendly professors everywhere, many of whom live on the campus and have friendly dogs the students all know by name.

Ruby turned feral here, just like she was when I got her. Super! We walked all the dogs down to a school field near my parents' house. She right away ran away from me and started stalking birds, not in a cute, I am chasing birds way, but in a feral, I am going to kill these animals here in front of you way, like I haven't seen since she was young. It was very, very creepy. I captured her, she tried to get in a fight with Otterpop, and then I took her back to my parents'. I guess she is stressed out here and reverted to her old personality? I dunno. She is destroying dog toys right now, another old weird habit. Otterpop howled like a wolf yesterday for half an hour when we left for the graduation. I have such bad dogs. Otterpop and Timmy are perfectly fine and happy now but Ruby is still a little weird. They usually love visiting here and running around the giant back yard. The house is far more spacious than ours and there are stairs for them to run up and down. It is dog heaven, that is probably why Ruby turned feral again. She just thought she had died and gone to heaven.

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