07 May 2007

Bullet proof vests.

It was kind of a busy morning. I went back in the house to take the dogs for a walk and noticed police cars blocking off our street on both sides of my house. Just as the police dispatcher called to ask me not to leave my house. So I figured that there was a big neighbor issue, but likely one involving Bruce's gun. Bruce is my neighbor's deceased husband. Who died and left her a big hole in her life that she fills with drinking and depression and big huge loser boyfriends. A way back, currrent loser boyfriend told me he had it safely locked up. But he is also a pathological liar and frankly, a nutjob so I'm not sure why I ever belived that. I do exersize caution when going in to check if she is dead sometimes.

I decided I wanted to leave my house so I got all the dogs and put them in the car. A panicky looking cop motioned me down to his end of the street and I asked him, is it Jeanine with the gun? He said it was. He asked me a few questions, like had I seen her (another dispatcher had called my house asking if I had her) or who I had seen. I said I just wanted to get out of there. I took the dogs down to the beach, hoping she wasn't shooting anyone. Which truly isn't her nature. I heard sirens when I was at the beach and it wasn't very nice to be down there so I decided to go back. Put the dogs away. Before I went out to work to check on things at the new ranch.

Our street was still blocked off, with the officers crouched behind cars ala swat team and the Wire. I drove over to the circle church for some reason and that turned out to be the staging area. Joe saw me and came running over when I went up. A detective came to talk to me. Automatically I told Joe to go away and sit down and not talk. He had a bloody shirt and was crying, which isn't unusual. He sat under a tree. He wasn't cuffed, so I knew it was him that called the cops on this whole thing, making it possibly bogus. I asked the detective if anyone had called her brother, and he said they were doing that just then. He wanted other cell phone numbers from me, but I only have the brother. No one else should be called-he had wanted to call her mom and daughter. I guess they didn't know if she was there, or had gone. Joe was begging me to drive around to see if she had jumped off a cliff. He always thinks she will do that, and she never does. So I gave them some info and left.

When I came back from work, it was all gone, just some detectives in the yard I hadn't seen before. They weren't nice. They had arrived to the scene after they took Jeanine. I asked was she ok? They said yes. I asked if she was arrested or in psych. They said, oh, arrested. She had been in her hiding place in the yard. Oh yeah. Poor Jeanine. This one might send her to jail for real. And she needs to be in a psych ward. It made me so mad, the time I was in the emergency room with her and they evaluated her and said she didn't need help. Was just a drunk. Which isn't true. She's a drunk because she needs help and we can't get her to get it. But at least no one got shot. I think. Their renter is in the hospital, so maybe. The brother came over later and he wasn't sure. He didn't really know what to do either. Neither of us could find the dog.

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