13 April 2007

Your career is killing you.

Last night at yoga, my teacher was pulling on one part of me and pushing the other which made my leg twist out at a funny angle and she said, your career is killing your body. You didn't look like this before you switched back to riding horses. Which is true!.I had lots of time to sneak away from the computer for an hour and go to a dance class or yoga but that was it. So I had better posture. Right now I am barely riding, mostly I sit on a fence all day and teach people and lug jumps around. There is also the added fun of running as fast as I can in short, less than 60 second bursts and turning quickly running the dogs. And lugging the very heavy equipment around. All that is probably super.

The possible ranch I am going to see today is only 2 acres, and Del lives down the road. He said it has a beautiful field in front of the house. A house and a lovely field all for one million dollars! That is the only other issue, the one million dollars. It just dropped in price from one point four million dollars to 998,000. So they are not super likely to take another 150,000 reduction. But I am going to look all the same. Because I have such a sickness to own a ranch that I really can't afford. And this one isn't even a ranch, another house with a field!

I am still hoping to win the million dollar house lottery. In just 35 days, I will know if my $150 lottery ticket bought me the house a few blocks away, that retails for one million dollars. It's a fund raiser for what I thought was a very buddhist private school in the mountains. Although the very cowboy kids of the owners of our new ranch also go there, so maybe they are sort of buddhist when they are at school. Also they live near it. But someone on the westside is raffling off their big fancy house as a donation to the school and I am hoping to win it. And then cash out on the house and use the buckets of money, maybe about 700,000 after taxes, to buy a ranch! I know the owners have a small tan dog that looks like Otterpop named Annie that wears a pink harness at the field and they always wear raincoats. Not sure why they can just raffle off their house to support a buddhist cowboy school in the mountains but that is what they're doing.

Before I went to work I pulled some weeds. The dogs sure love just sitting outside doing nothing. Their life is a-ok.

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