09 April 2007

Pancake Club

If we have pancakes, so do the dogs.

Also for happy easter, I pulled more weeds and bought more plants for my plant addiction.

As an agility blog, this may show why I don't practice agility like most good agility people do. Because I landscaped my yard into a non agility friendly plant extravaganza and weed fest before I knew about agility. At some points I believe i got 6 weave poles or a single jump in there but that's long gone now.

Hopefully the move to the new barn will mean I can practice at Dee's a little more, even though I pay to rent the field. But practicing would be so exciting. This weekend we go to Sunday of the 4 day Dixon trial. One of 4 days. The last day. Last year, Otterpop had the freakout at this one that lasted til recently because of the rain and rain outfits and general insanity. I'm hoping to get her over it this year and it should be sunny!

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