02 October 2006

leathery skin

i was in elk grove on sunday, i left at 4:30 am to get there! for a fun dog show. actually it was fun. the dog part. the dogs were really good and ruby won every single class and was very fast. it is easy to be a big winner in elk grove where most of the ladies smoke and wear very large windbreakers. they have leathery skin too. and tightly permed little tiny gray hair curls.i think this is sort of a ranch look. even otterpop won all of her classes except the one she had a freakout episode in and started barking at the judge. she had leathery skin too!

i believe elk grove is famous for it's high volume of cows. and tires holding down giant piles of cow manure. these are different types of ranches than what i was hoping to purchase.

hey just keep remembering T is for Texas and Timmy!

there are no good ranches for sale this week. what a surprise! luckily it is raining so we can have a leaky roof again!

i bought some boots on ebay! now i just need my big truck. also i downloaded all the lorettta lynn songs i could find on itunes. and watched all of lonesome dove the other night. these are my new hobbies.

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