14 May 2014

Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.

Hot day at work. Hot hot hot.

Otterpop now realizes there are useful things that border collies can do. Get the sprinkler out to fill the pool. While Otterpop relaxes on the grass.

Nice. Make sure to get the border collie out of the pool first though. This is not necessarily easy to do. Banksy likes pools a lot. Scary a lot.  As much as rocks! If I could do all of my training with tiny rocks and water flying everywhere, we would be done already and she would be the winner.

Then there is this ball game. There were some kind of weird rules that Otterpop invented. The rules would change a lot. At some point even Gustavo was playing. It was extremely complicated and frequently involved Otterpop's psychic waves moving the ball.

Eventually the border collie figures out, just keep the ball away from the Otterpop! Super easy rules! We have possibly now broken the retrieve. And the stay. And the release word that was already broken. Oh yeah, and the recall. Wow! But it was such a good game!

There is a lot of this at work, but not usually with a fan for glamorous hair blowing. This was the spot to be in today. Hot hot hot hot.


Unknown said...

Banksy's sister Frenzy has a thing for rocks too! Always bring them in the house.

team small dog said...

Oh my gosh the rocks! We were doing an outdoor crate games session in some rocky dirt and she found she could really fast dig up some rocks and throw into her crate herself instead of taking cookies i'd put in there. Really good cookies. Because ROCKS! I am trying to keep one step ahead of her and working on finding treats that are better than rocks because she is toy toy toy toy ROCKS so far and not so into food.